Wednesday, March 20, 2013

You Are

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”―Buddha

You are what you want to be, it's right there in your brain, you just have to activate the "ON" button and accept what comes from your mind and appreciate it. Once a small change in your thoughts happens your whole life will change. Right now your life is in your hands, all you have to do is imagine a perfect life, then make it a reality using the most intelligent thing on earth which is your inner mind.
The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts, if you think negatively you create a negative life, while if you think positively you'll create a life of success and happiness.You choose your own future by every action and by every thought.

You are the programmer and your mind is the application you are creating. But the difference here is: this application is governing your whole life and turning it the way it wants based on what you've placed in it from past experiences, beliefs and thoughts. Even though experiences form a great part of our beliefs and thoughts, it can be easy to make them for our benefit. So even if you've been through a bad experience in the past, get the lessons from it and forget the pain, don't let your past control your future.

 Think Positive:

 Of course you've heard people tell you to think positive loads of times, but it isn't easy with an undisciplined mind, since the mind is always sending thoughts, these thoughts are based on your current situation, beliefs, and mind conditioning, so if you are going through bad times, your mind won't leave you alone, it'll keep pursuing you with negative chatter and since we don't know how to ignore these negative thoughts, we fall in the trap of identifying with them, obsessing about them and thus giving them energy, and the problem is that when you give a negative thought energy it attracts more of its like, so whenever you let one negative thought in, your mind will be full of negative babble.

Did it ever happen to you that once you were angry with someone, and thinking about his recent bad deed you kept going back through all the bad stuff he's done to you? That is a clear example of what i mean by a negative thought attracting more of its like.

How to get rid of negative thoughts?

It may seem hard at first to discipline your mind, but it all depends on your attitude, so it may take you 1 day or it may take you a full year to become positive, it is all up to you:

Try following these steps:

1. Believe :
The most  powerful thing to do is to believe that you will become positive.

2. Take the role of the observer:
Most of us don't realize when we are thinking, it has become a habit, but without knowing when you are thinking it might seem impossible to resist negative from now on try to be more aware of what you are thinking.

3. Observe
Once you realize you are thinking just observe the thought, don't argue with it or judge it, just look at it objectively.

4. Ignore:
If the thought was negative (worry, resentment, anxiety, nervousness,...) Just ignore it, let it go. You can also imagine thoughts popping up on a screen, so when you don't like a thought you can simply imagine smashing the screen with a baseball bat.

5. Give power to positive thoughts:
You might want to give attention to positive thoughts, and thus you'd be creating a positive mind and you'd get full control of your mind.

"The positive thinker sees the invisible,

Feels the intangible,
And Achieves the impossible".

Positive thinking can do magic:

  • It will make you extremely happy.
  • You see life differently: you start to appreciate the good things in life and ignore the bad things.
  • You'll achieve the impossible: whatever seemed unachievable before becomes possible. 
  • You'll start getting everything positive and life would be great.


  1. wow you could not passably have picked a better time to show me this. thank you! this blog might just be what i need to get out of my state of negativity and back to where i once was a while ago, or better. you might have just saved a life.

  2. Thanks! This is really what this blog is all about... smile and be happy. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

    1. Absolutely correct..., i agree with you 100%., Infact life is too short to experience all the surprises..., :)

      hoping to hear from you ...