Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You Will

Just Get Things to action

Now that you believe that you can have what you want, you have to acknowledge that you will get it. It's not enough to believe that you can since it's just Now that you believe that you can have what you want, you have to acknowledge that you will get it.words and not action, so you have to ulfill your belief by action, which requires you to develop an "I will" attitude,and that is by putting ideas into action, and now I want you to get a certain desire into your mind, something you really want, visualize it, Is it a new house? An expensive car? A new attitude? Happiness? just see yourself having it and smile at the thought of it, just be happy for having it. After you've done this and enjoyed the fact of having what you want, I want you to remind yourself that you will have it. Just take some time every day to visualize what you want several times and especially before retiring, since the subconscious works very effectively while you sleep and while your engaged in doing something fun, so be sure to give your mind a positive job to work on, and never say something discouraging to yourself before sleeping, that would be dreadful.

Let's say your desire is money, the sky won't rain money once you ask for it. It never worked that way.

How Does it Work Then?

When you ask your subconscious mind for you money, it won't transform into a bank machine. It will give you ideas that will make you money, so be sure to listen to your mind and whenever an ideas comes to your mind just write them down before they are lost, and believe in your abilities, whatever your ideas were just know that they is for your own benefit since you were recently programming your mind positively.

You Are A Genius! 

 Now an idea may come to your mind, but you may be so lazy to get up and get a pen and paper and you tell yourself:  "I'll write it later" but the subconscious mind isn't always available so an idea
you've missed can never come back. That's why you have to write it down immediately and when you've written it don't dismiss it as not-so-good, remember that anything that the subconscious mind sends is a masterpiece, you just don't know your ideas' value. We've missed so many opportunities by dismissing them as naive and then seeing someone else becoming a millionaire from an idea that is much simpler than ours. In fact everyone on earth  has had loads of opportunities to become a millionaire, but only 5% of us have embraced their opportunities, the others just thought they weren't good enough and that they can't be compared to other "geniuses" as those people might say "that person was a genius that's why he became so rich and famous" ,but the only difference between that person and others is that he has been using the massive intelligence of his subconscious mind and admiring himself, while others were ignoring their subconscious minds and admiring others. 


You Have A Massive Supply Of Intelligence Within...

 You can't know how massive the intelligence of you inner mind  is until you experience it, but unfortunately we've been limiting it by our negative thoughts. Once you say something like "I'm a failure" you're killing any chance of becoming a success though the chance is there the whole time but you're only strengthening failure every time you say that and the chance of you becoming successful will diminish slowly.

Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts

 Never think that life is harsh on you, since you've created your life and you can change it, all you have to do now is transform "I can " to "I will" and start saying affirmations to yourself throughout the day and especially before you sleep.It may be that your  life is really full of problems that seem very hard to solve, but the solution is in your hands, in your head actually, use your subconscious mind to solve any problem. Just don't think and worry about the problem too much, because that will stand in your mind's way. What you need to know is that any negative thought can be very destructive and it will stop any creative idea from reaching you, so you have to learn to ignore negative thoughts and focus only on positive ones, this might be easier said than done but positive thinking is a skill that is easy to learn and that is extremely rewarding.
 Your subconscious mind is working 24/7 so imagine what a disaster your life would be if you were a negative thinker, only giving your mind negative jobs to work on. Maybe this knowledge will let you relate in what way your every thought is affecting your life, and the next time you are thinking negatively, you'll remember this and just ignore the negative thought without scolding yourself for it since scolding yourself is also negative.

Practice Self Admiration! 

I'll have to remind you that the subconscious mind's key is visualization or feeling and not words, words are meaningless to our inner minds if they weren't associated to an image or feeling.
Now you have to develop the habit of praising yourself every time you do something nice so never feel embarrassed of saying stuff like:
I'm a genius or,
I'm the most creative thing on earth or,
People adore me or,
I'm the best
REMEMBER: every time you say such thing you are taking a huge leap towards it.

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