Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How To Program Your Subconscious Mind

 Your subconscious mind controls your whole life, it controls all your choices and your belief system thus it controls your level of happiness. We all want to be happy, so to be happy we have to learn how to program our subconscious minds, it is in fact a simple process and a very beneficial one too!
 Actually it is our minds that cause us all the dismay, it is the source of all the suffering we encounter. But this reality can change by a simple conscious decision and here are some ways to program your subconscious mind:

1. Choose your thoughts wisely:

Thoughts shape us, they shape our decisions and our whole lives and once you allow a thought to enter your mind, you are allowing a gradual change. So it's so important to watch your thoughts and choose the ones that will help you, never let a thought that might bring you down enter your mind, because it will both take you one step closer to going down and it will attract more of its like. Remember that you can ignore negative thoughts and give energy to positive ones. Be sure to always have either a quiet mind or a positive thought in it.

2.Use Affirmations:


When you want to study something you keep saying it to yourself until you memorize it, at that stage it enters your subconscious mind. So when you repeat something to yourself a lot it will get printed in your subconscious mind and thus it will become your reality. So if you want to be rich just keep saying to yourself that you are rich throughout your day until it becomes your reality. If you want to become happier, tell yourself that you are happy and you'll notice that you become much more happy after this. Plus, practice praising yourself and saying positive things like "I'm beautiful" "I'm smart" and remember to smile especially at your reflection in a mirror.

3. Try hypnosis:

Don't overdo it, but use it every now and then, if not to program the subconscious just to relax and get a
calmer mind so that you can control your thoughts more. Plus it can really help you contact your subconscious mind and program it in an easy way, and if you have trouble in letting others control you, try self hypnosis it is just as powerful.

4. Ask and believe:

If you believe in god, ask him to help you program you subconscious mind. If you believe in the law of attraction visualize what you want, while if you believe in neither just ask your subconscious mind to do what you want. This is very powerful especially if you believe that these ways work, and even if you don't just try and see that they will  work.

5. Associate:

Say to yourself that if I do this, That will happen. For example if you want to become more self confident, say to yourself that if I meet new people I'll become more self confident, and then go out and meet new people and see how your level of confidence will rocket. This is a very easy way to program your subconscious mind, plus it is very fast.

 Whatever way you choose you have to believe, don't just block your mind or say "it will never work" because it can only work when you demand so. Just keep positive thoughts flowing in your head and get rid of all the useless negative babble. Even if you feel that it isn't working, don't let a negative thought enter your mind, keep telling yourself that you will achieve what you want because you will! Have fun and be happy. Remember to enjoy the ride.


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