Tuesday, August 6, 2013

19 things that make you happy


1. Give someone a gift:

It doesn't have to be a very expensive one, a flower can do. Giving actually makes you feel happy it gives you a kind of satisfaction.

2. Learn something new:

You can learn a new language, or new information or any kind of sports or activities.


3. Tell someone you love them:

 Love is the most powerful happiness tool. When you tell someone you love them, it will make them extremely happy thus making you happy. Just try not to lie.

4. Make a plan for a trip or a friends meeting:

 Planning a trip gives you the same amount of happiness that going on a trip gives you. So plan a trip and go!

5. Socialize:

 Either with your friends, relatives, family, or meet new people and have a good talk with them.

6. Smile:

 Smiling has proven to make you happy, when you smile endorphins will be released in your brain-even if it’s a fake smile- which will make you feel happy.


7. Meditate:

 Calming your brain and focusing for a while has so many benefits but one is: it makes you happy by calming you and giving you inner peace.

8. Laugh!:

Read jokes, sit with funny people, watch a comedy movie...

9. Engage in community service:

 Helping people and socializing with others can help you become happy.


10. Cook an exotic meal:


11. Do something creative:

Draw, write, dance, compose… even if you think you aren't good at any.

12. Listen to happy music:

Music is a mood booster.

14. Forgive someone who has hurt you:

It makes you feel better about yourself.

15. Read a positive thinking book:

The Power Of Positive Thinking, As a Man Thinketh, the secret, grow rich while you sleep, think and grow rich,...


16. Watch a motivational video or movie:


17. Admire/ praise yourself:

Say stuff like "I love myself, I am a genius, I am successful"


18. Surround yourself with positive people: 

Being with negative people can make you negative, likewise being with positive people makes you positive.


19. Take responsibility :

For everything in your life, don't be afraid of making decisions , in the end its YOUR life and only YOU have the right to make choices and decisions because it's you alone who's baring the consequences.

 Happiness is a choice, it is in fact a state of mind. you can never be happy if you have a bunch of negative thoughts floating in your head, but some people find it hard to keep their minds positive while everything around them is positive and so they find ways like these listed above to help them get positive thoughts in their minds and thus become happy.


  1. nice post! Did you try to use the mind palace technique?

  2. Yes i did, the technique is really helpful i even recommended it to my family and friends. thank you